Hotel In Bir Billing

Garden View hotel in Bir Billing – Get best deal, if  you are travelling with your friends and family. You need to think about where you are going to stay and it is very important to stay in a place that is secured and safe. The mood of the holiday may be spoilt when you don’t stay in the right place where you get  many facilities such as breakfast are among the hotel’s most popular features, 24-hour staff etc.To make it easy for the customers, most of the tourist spots and tourist guides have the best hotels to stay.

Garden View Bir  hotel is one of the best hotels in Bir.  It gives a wonderful experience of unexplored beauty and adventure sports. It is the best paragliding Resort in Bir. Garden view Bir Billing resort gives the beautiful scenic view of mountain and valley. Garden view Bir Billing hotel is one of the finest sites for relaxation and entertainment.

Resort in Bir Billing

Garden View Bir  Resort provides Meals including breakfast lunch and dinner. For camping and trekking, we also provide packed lunch. Most of our package includes breakfast and dinner. For more details visit the tariff plans.

Internet services are available 24/7. We have Wi-Fi facility. Once you check-in you will be provided with the Wi-Fi password and you can use it till your stay.

We not only provide parking for the car but also have rental cars and bike on minimum charge.

We have 24/7 room services for our guest. Anytime you can call us and we are happy to help you and make your stay satisfactory with our services.

Laundry and dry cleaning will always at your room step. Anytime you can ask for these services and it will be done within 24 hours. Need not to worry for any help. Our staff is 24/7 available to serve you best.





GUEST ROOM:- Bright and spacious, our guest rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows, exceptional views and impeccable Four Seasons Bir service.

SUITS:- Perfect for families or traveller, our lavish suites combine a spacious floor plan with luxurious appointments and high-tech entertainment.

TOP FLOOR:-Take advantage of our upper levels or balcany for spectacular views of Bir and the comfort of your Hotel room or suite.




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Enjoy & Remember Good Times With Us

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Dining Service

Garden View hotel in bir billing invite you to our restaurant. It combines tradition with modernity in an exceptional way. We provides chinese foods, coffee, tea and other type of food variety.


“The goal of Strand Hospitality’s food is to provide a quality experience for our customers while maximizing the revenue opportunities through those outlets.”

Get ready for a taste of heaven



Tandem Paragliding

We provides tandem paragliding activities here. You can enjoying the tandem paragliding with us.


We offers to make your adventure holiday better to best by providing activities. You can join here activities like camping.


We offers a wide range of activities and outdoor adventures, such as paragliding and trekking.You can enjoy these activities.

Its very nice to experienced in Garden View Hotel in Bir Billing ..its very huge area and the staff is very accommodating to us.They are very friendly and hospitable in a way.. I really recommend this hotel for who wants to be in a great location and in a decent price!


Clean rooms, good staff and nice centrally located hotel. most of the sight seeing areas are walkable if you have the stamina and interest and for the others, monestries, barot and bir billing are available in nearby areas.